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Common questions about MONIcliq

  • How much does the service cost?

    Service is free to customers. Customers only pay the face value of whatever product they are purchasing.

  • Which product are currently available?

    WAEC result checker, SHS placement Checker, TEC result checker and Supacash.

  • What are the prices?

    WAEC result check - GH¢9
    SHS placement Checker - GH¢8
    Supacash - minimum GH¢10
    TEC result checker - GH¢8

  • Do you offer bulk discounts?

    Yes, please contact our call center.

  • How do i contact the call center?

    Please use the details below:

    Whatsapp: 0244783838
    Telegram: 0244783838
    Twitter: @monicliq
    Facebook: monicliq
    Mobile: 0244783838

  • What is the reference (general payment)?

    The reference depends on the product:

    WAEC result check - waec
    SHS placement Checker - shs
    Supacash - supa
    TEC result checker - teu

  • What is your ussd short code?


  • Can I receive my purchases via email?

    Yes, please contact our call center to link your email to your phone number.

  • What do I do if I do not receive sms after purchase?

    1. check via ussd. dial our short code and select my messages.
    2. contact our call center and request a resend.

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