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Our flagship product is MONIcliq, a payment processing platform built by Misornu Technologies to extend the capabilities of the Mobile Money offerings by Mobile Network Operators(MNOs). With MONIcliq, Misornu was able to offer the first ever secure, real-time online payment on the Ghanaian market using MTN Mobile Money.

MONIcliq is a software application that integrates with MNOs on one hand, businesses on the other hand, and then Mobile Money subscribers, to allow for real-time payment of goods/services using the mobile phone. Essentially, we provide a secure platform for customers and merchants to do business via mobile money Apps and web portals.

MONIcliq service operates under two models - SaaS Model and Developing In-House Solutions.

Under the SaaS model, we offer our platform to small businesses to enable them accept mobile money payments, as well as other tech-driven financial services to help them grow. The single biggest benefit that MONIcliq offers with this model is that it allows smaller businesses - even informal, microbusinesses without banking accounts - to take advantage of the benefits of digital payments.

Under our In-house Solution model, our team of experts carry out market reasearch to identify innovative solutions that expand financial services to the underserved. Under this model we have developed solution for the finance, education and gaming sectors.



Our state of the art security infrustructure ensures that all threats are effectively dealth with. We currently have a 100% no-breach record.


Our service is available anytime/anywhere across all mobile money platforms.

Smart & Quick

All transaction are processed INSTANTLY with confirmations sent via SMS.

Easy to use

All payments are completed with a few clicks on your phone.


Our commissions are the lowest in the industry.